From Retired FDNY Lieutenant and Award Winning Author Billy O'Connor...

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It's a jolly read, filled with humor and also deep tragedy. Well done, beautifully written with poetic phrasing and I like that.
Malachy McCourt
Actor, Politician, Writer
I was blown away from the beginning. I read it in one sitting. O'Connor is a brilliant story teller not to mention one funny bastard. Excellent read!
Brian McMurrough

Meet Billy O'Connor

Billy O’Connor was born in County Cork Ireland and grew up in the Bronx. After Vietnam, Billy was a Teamster, a pub and restau-rant owner, and before becoming a New York City firefighter for 20 years, an illegal bookie. He sailed, dove and traveled the world burdened by his addiction to drugs and alcohol. The tragedy of 9/11, and the loss of 343 of his brother fire-fighters, brought an epiphany. Billy sobered up and attended the University of Florida. At the age of 62, he earned his journalism degree and began to write. He has written two highly praised weekly columns, two screen-plays and numerous political pieces. His second book, Da Mick, follows his award-winning first novel, Confessions of a Bronx Bookie. Billy can be reached at or at For the past seven years, Billy’s acerbic wit as a standup comic has entertained audiences throughout California, Florida, New York, Nevada and Arizona. He has shared the stage with such great comedic talents as Orny Adams, Todd Berry, Jon Lovitz, Shawn Wayans, Julian McCullough, Finesse Mitchell, and Chris Cope. O’Connor has headlined at Rick Bronson’s House of Comedy and other venues in Phoenix, Vegas, L. A. .and N.Y. He has also lectured on writing at his alma mater, U.F., and two other accredited colleges as well as at many comedy festivals. As a reformed alcoholic, compulsive gambler and retired firefighter, his inspirational story reminds us all that with the proper attitude, life begins at 60.
  • Vietnam Vet
  • Former FDNY LT. and first responder at 9/11
  • Award-winning author: Confessions of a Bronx Bookie, Da Mick
  • Stand-up comic
  • Former bookie, Teamster, club and restaurant owner
  • University of Florida journalism graduate