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Confessions Of A Bronx Bookie Cover Billy O'Connor Author Comedian

For $20, your purchase includes a signed pre-sale copy of Confessions of a Bronx Bookie or free admission to any of Billy’s comedy appearances/book signing events and all shipping/handling costs. For updated information about Billy’s book signing events check his website. www.BronxBilly.com

“Tearing the cover off my new book before Thanksgiving” — Confessions of a Bronx Bookie, “342 pages of sex, drugs, gambling and the mob — everything that made this country great.”

I want to thank my old time friends and, more importantly, my newfound acquaintances from social media for the humbling out rush of support. Initially, I was hesitant to order 1,000 paperbacks – like comics, we writers are egomaniacs with very fragile egos. Although I’ve written numerous political pieces, two screenplays and a weekly column, this is my first novel. My name is on it. I’m damn proud of it. Whether you like the content is, of course, subjective, but I can promise that the book is well written and professionally edited. As the marvelous Mike Foley taught me in the University of Florida’s journalism program my last edit was tacked page-by-page to a wall and edited through binoculars. This fucken book is tight. If you like stories about sex, drugs, gambling, frailty and the human condition, I think you’ll find it a damn fine read.

Below in no particular order are a series of excerpts from the book.

“I knew I had to kill him,” Dom said. “I used my dad’s hunting rifle and boom — in the head — right over there by that tree.” – Confessions of a Bronx Bookie

“Rio? Why Rio?” I asked Red. “Whores, coke, beaches, what’s not to like? We made $20,000 each this week. Let’s go have some fun.” – Confessions of a Bronx Bookie

“I skipped two short steps and walloped the back of his head with an energy-charged swing of the pipe. The street collided with his jaw.” – Confessions of a Bronx Bookie

“I crashed the pipe murderously down onto his mouth and heard his upper teeth shatter at the gums.” – Confessions of a Bronx Bookie

“My old man left Ireland’s stone, green fields to migrate to the glass, concrete canyons of New York in 1950.” — Confessions of a Bronx Bookie

“The longer the wars, the younger the men who must finish them.” – Confessions of a Bronx Bookie

“In Nam, the jungle’s heat was heavy, and like a spoiled overweight child, it insisted on being carried everywhere” – Confessions of a Bronx Bookie

“The guys I owed were serious people. I was so busy raising cash; I barely had time to ignore my creditors.” — Confessions of a Bronx Bookie

“I tried to drown my demons with whiskey, but I found out real devils can swim” — Confessions of a Bronx Bookie

“The knock signaled my roommate’s exit. Despite his apparent disgust, I suspected curiosity about the hooker’s looks caused the cardiologist to stall. When Eugene opened the door, I was on the bed in boxers. A syrupy voice from the hallway said, “You Fred?” “No,” he said condescendingly, letting her enter. “Fred’s over there on the bed.” She entered the room, stopped and screamed, “Connor Moynihan, I can’t believe it.” I yelled out, “Shane. What the hell are you doing here?” She laughed and said, “Selling my ass, what are you doing here?” “I guess I’m buying it. How long has it been?” “Almost 10 years, you got any drugs?” she said. “Yeah, Quaaludes, grass, a little coke, and I got beer and vodka on ice.” “Cool. I’ll call my boss, tell him I couldn’t find the John and take the rest of the night off,” she said. – Confessions of a Bronx Bookie

Although self-publishing is an expensive proposition, I’m told the rewards are greater than traditional. Because of demand, and numerous requests, I have ordered 2,000 paperbacks from a printer in Poughkeepsie. These will be my first editions if you will. Whether you purchase at my shows or through my website, www.BronxBilly.com, I will personally inscribe a few sentences of gratitude and sign each and every one of them. The books will be high quality and sell for $20 including shipping and handling. The book will also be available on Amazon and Kindle. Thanks so much for your support and kind words. It’s meant the world to me and has occasionally moved me to tears. Whether you buy the book or not, I appreciate your support and encouragement. You won’t be disappointed. I’ve been told by both genders, it’s a damn fine read.


Billy O’Connor