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What People Are Saying About DA MICK

"Incomparable action writing, funny, ballsy, and eminently readable"

- Ellis Amburn​

Author of "Pearl", "Kerousac", "Passions" and more.​

"Happy to see someone from my old neighborhood spin such a riveting tale. The dialogue's so sharp you can shave with it."

- Peppy Castro

Blue Magoos, Balance

"O'Connor's first book, Confessions of a Bronx Bookie, was a page turner, but DA MICK really hits home. The kind of book you're sorry to see end."

- Rick Bronson

House of Comedy

Meet Billy O'Connor

For the past seven years, Billy's acerbic wit on stage has entertainedmaudiences throughout, California, Florida, New York and Arizona.. He has shared the stage with such great comedic talents as Orny Adams, Todd Berry, Jon Lovitz, Shawn Wayans, Julian McCullough, Finesse Mitchell, and Chris Cope. O’Connor has headlined at Rick Bronson’s House of Comedy and many rooms in N.Y. and Phoenix and finished among the top three in the Tempe Improv’s funniest comedian contest three years in a row. He also finished second the following year in AZ’s Funniest Comedian at the House of Comedy. As a reformed alcoholic, compulsive gambler and retired firefighter, his inspirational story reminds us all that with the proper attitude, life begins at 60. This award-winning author was born in County Cork, Ireland, and raised in the Bronx streets, he currently lives in Phoenix, AZ.