Billy O’Connor Interview

Meet Billy O’Connor. Billy’s acerbic wit on stage has entertained audiences throughout, California, Florida, New York and Arizona for the past three years. He has shared the stage with such great comedic talents as Todd Berry, Julian McCullough, Lisa Landry and Thai Rivera. He was an alcoholic, compulsive gambler and drug addict. His inspirational story reminds all of us that with the proper attitude, life begins at 60. Born in County Cork, Ireland, and raised in the Bronx streets, he currently lives in Phoenix, Az.

Billy O’Connor is a Vietnam Vet, former NYC Fireman, bookie, alcoholic and drug ADDICT. He’s currently a published, author, Stand-Up Comic, and University of Florida Graduate. His rollicking, rambling, unrestricted manic ride through life will have you rolling with laughter. His first book has been nominated for the prestigious Trillium Hunter S Thompson Award.

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